Tuesday, October 30, 2012

How do you deal with not having a cunt

    I wish I had a cunt!
    I guess I have always wished I had a cunt!
    I realize that I did not wish for real that I had a cunt until I was a teen, but I am sure I did subconsciously when I was younger. I certainly knew that I was different than what a boy should be.
    I do know that when I first saw a picture of a cunt and saw my sisters and mother naked, I knew that is how I wanted to be! I didn’t actually see their cunts, but I saw that they did not have a penis. And I envied them so much for that!
    I found my dad’s girlie mags and I adored all the girls and their cunts!
 And what they were doing with their cunts!
    I knew at one point that I would have to have a cunt to be happy. But that never happened. We can be sissies or trannies or whatever, but not having that cunt  makes all the difference in the world, doesn’t it!
    The circumstances have to be right for when a T-girl acquires her cunt.  And I have so much respect and envy for girls who have undergone GRS.
    Then there are the rest of us. I have gone through life somewhat depressed  that I don’t have a cunt. And I am sure if you are reading this, then you have too.  I say “somewhat depressed” -- and not “despondent” – because I have been fortunate enough (I guess) to have been able to deal with what was dealt me. But as you know, it is very hard to do that and at least try to be happy.
     Being able to be a sissy and be girlie is some consolation, but it is small consolation to not having the cunt we wish we all had.
    OK: When did you first realize that you wished you had a cunt? Not when you started dressing up exactly, but when you knew that you should have had a cunt and began to wish for one so badly?
    And how have you dealt with not having a cunt?
    Here’s you chance to profess your desire to have a cunt! Or rant about how you have lived still wishing for a cunt!