Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Playing dress-up with a friend

Around when I was 12 or so, my sissy friend Timmy and I would play dress-up at his house -- sort of like those two girls at right!

He would supply items from his mother -- garter belt, stockings, slips, bras and panties! I would supply items from my sister -- bras, panties, pantyhose, short dresses!

We would dress up and prance around in front of the mirror and each other. And we would start tickling each other and that inevitably would end up with us kissing like a couple of silly girls!

Did any of you T-girls also have a sissy friend for dressing up like I had? Those were such wonderful times! And little did I know how that would just be the start of a wonder journey into sissyhood!

(I posted a poll on this subject, but silly me, I typed it wrong. I meant to say "Did you PLAY dress-up."  But I think everyone will know what I meant.)