Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wouldn't you rather have a big beautiful cock

... or this?
Would you want this ...
Ok, so you were born with male parts. Now, if you are tiny and sissified like I am, wouldn't you love to have a big, beautiful cock like the one above! You would be the envy of all your friends and the guys in the shower room!

And the girls and T-girls and gay guys would want to get into your pants so they could worship that beautiful thing! And you would put it deep inside of them and pump your load in their pussies and asses and they would just love you for it!

You won't see too many cocks more gorgeous than the one pictured here! You'd give up all thoughts of being a girl if you could have that, wouldn't you?

... or this?
You would, wouldn't you? But I wouldn't! I have always dreamed of having a pretty pussy! I have wished so hard that even if I could have -- through a miracle -- the nicest most manly cock there ever was, I would not trade it for having a delicate pussy!

I would want to have the pussy to pleasure such a beautiful cock! What about you? Would you want that wonderful cock? Or would you be unswayed like me and want to have that precious pussy to pleasure it?