Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Losing those dreaded erections

The way it should be: Only the
real man with the erection,
but never the sissy or t-girl!
The other day I wrote about playing house with my sissy friend and other boys coming around for bj sessions when I was a teen.

And later that day I had to laugh to myself because the memory popped into my head how my sissy friend and I would get these little boners -- we called them boners at that age! -- while the boys we were pleasuring had beautiful nice-sized ones (at least until we took care of them).

What made me laugh was the thought of the two sissies with little boners pleasuring these boys and these little boners would eventually shrink up and go away while the act was taking place until they were back to their sissy state at the time the real boys were cumming in the sissies' mouths!

It brought back a pleasant memory because we sissies lost our boners while we were pleasuring the real boys probably subconsciously because we knew that sissies were not supposed to get boners if they had little sissy clitties like we had.

Since we were definitely leaning toward the girlie side, boners were really not something we were supposed to have.

That is what is great about female hormones and testosterone blockers. They will definitely take away those nasty dreaded erections for guys who wish they were girls!

So the questions would be: Do you hate getting erections (boners!)? Are you doing anything to rid yourself of those nasty things?