Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Love those young office women

At the office where I work there are always young women running around. Some are college interns and some are recent graduates who were just hired. I get really envious of these pretty, intelligent young women!

There is one young lady who is a new hire who dresses in really sexy outfits! I wish I could dress like that in the office! Actually I probably do have outfits like hers that I do wear at home and on the rare occasions that I sneak out dressed up.

But there is this one girl who has been there for about a year since graduating. She is a really prissy girl! Imagine how a sissy like us would walk around. Very daintily. Maybe more on our toes. Swaying our behinds. Hands at chest level. With limp wrists! That is just how I walk around the house! And how I would walk around in a world where sissies could be themselves.

And she wears really short dresses and skirts. Really short! (I know one of the supervisors who had a hand in hiring her and I know that was considered when she was hired! For sure!) And she wears heels every day. And she has tattooes and piercings that she does not hide -- like back of ear, nose. I don't know about the latter things -- I don't like tattooes and piercings -- but I do like how she dresses and carries on.

I searched for some examples of how this girl dresses in the office and the pictures I posted here are pretty accurate -- short prissy dresses and very short skirts! Sort of like what I like to wear! And probably what you like to wear if you are reading this!

We have this other gal -- an oriental girl -- who is a college intern and although she does not dress like the full-time girl, I have to say that every time she walks by I stop and admire her form. Oh how I wish I could be them!

Have you come across girls like this where you work?